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Approved Course List (A-G)

A-G Subject Requirements and College Admissions


The University of California’s (UC’s) “a-g” subject requirements were developed to ensure that students entering UC schools have attained a body of general knowledge preparing them for college success.  The California State University system (CSUs) follows UC’s “a-g” subject requirements for undergraduate admissions eligibility.   


PUC Schools’ High School Diploma requirements align with UC/CSU’s “a-g” minimum requirements, ensuring that all students who earn a PUC Schools’ high diploma are prepared and eligible for 4-year undergraduate college success.


In addition, PUC Schools are dedicated to equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to thrive in our global economy. Through partnerships with Los Angeles Community Colleges, PUC Schools’ high school students may take dual enrollment college courses, including Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, allowing students to access rigorous academics and preparing students for success in both college and careers. 

Note: Transferable High School Courses - All “A-G” approved courses taught at PUC High Schools meet undergraduate college admissions requirements, and are transferable to public high schools, including those within Los Angeles Unified School District.


CREDITS - Five credits per course, per semester

A.       History/Social Science
*World, U.S., Economics & U.S. Government

3-years = 30 credits

B.       English

4-years = 40 credits

C.       Mathematics
*Algebra 1 or Integrated 1
*Geometry or Integrated 2
*3rd year: Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3

3-years = 30 credits

D.       Laboratory Science
*1-year Biological + 1-year Physical

2-years = 20 credits
3-years minimum recommended for CAREER-COLLEGE COMPETITIVENESS

E.       Language Other Than English (L.O.T.E.)
*Two years in one L.O.T.E.

2-years = 20 credits
3-years minimum recommended for CAREER-COLLEGE COMPETITIVENESS

F.        Visual and Performing Arts (V.A.P.A.)
*One year-long course in one discipline 

1-year = 10 credits

G.      College-Prep Electives

1-year = 10 credits

OTHER: Physical Education (P.E.)

2-years = 20 credits

Additional Electives

30 credits


Minimum of 210 Credits