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PUC High School Graduation Requirements

PUC Schools High School Graduation Requirements

Board Approved 2/08/2024

To successfully graduate with a PUC Schools High School Diploma students must meet the following graduation requirements:

  • Earn a minimum of 210 credits.
    • 160 of the 210 credits are “A-G” college preparatory coursework, aligned with University of California (UC), California State University (CSU) minimum undergraduate admissions requirements.
    • 50 additional credits may be earned through P.E. (20 credits) and elective courses (30 credits).
    • Physical Education (P.E.) – Students are required to earn 20 credits of P.E. through 9th grade P.E. and a second year of P.E., which may be completed through one of the following options:
      1. Participation in a PUC Schools Sponsored Sport - One season = 5 credits
      2. College P.E. Course – A one-hour college P.E. course = 2.5 credits
        *Recommendation: Students take two 1-hour college P.E. courses per term to earn 5 P.E. credits.
      3. Second year of a PUC Schools P.E. course, if available
    • Students must earn grades of “C” or higher to meet PUC’s high school diploma requirements.
    • College Level Courses Opportunities (Grades 9th-12th)
      1. PUC high school students have the opportunity of earning college credits, through Dual Enrollment College Courses and/or Advanced Placement (AP) Courses.
      2. Benefits: Exposer to college-level course rigor, Save money on college and certificate costs (FREE courses), Increases students’ competitiveness for college, scholarship, and job opportunities, Increases college enrollment and completion rates (degree/certificates).
    • Community Service (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) – Students are encouraged to participate in community service throughout their high school experience (9th-12th). Service supports a student’s self-discovery, allows one to gain work experience and network. In addition, students may explore career options and develop career & college readiness skills (i.e.- Soft skills, communication skills, time management, etc.).
    • PUC High School Advisory Courses – All 9th-12th grade students take Advisory to support students’ high school and post-secondary success (Career, College/Non-College Education Plans & Life Readiness)
    • Transferable High School Courses - All “A-G” approved courses taught at PUC High Schools meet undergraduate college admissions requirements, and are transferable to public high schools, including those within Los Angeles Unified School District.