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Early Release/Late Start Policy



PUC Schools’ high school students are to complete a minimum of two hundred and ten credits (210), in specific “a-g” courses to meet the high school graduation requirements. The high school graduation requirements prepare students for 4-year college or alternative higher education options, and to keep students in school during school days. 
PUC Schools Boards requires a comprehensive curriculum be available to all students during the four-years of high school. PUC Schools Boards also requires that, with a few exceptions, to benefit fully from the educational opportunities that are offered, high school students should attend school for the entire day. PUC School Boards, therefore, adopts the following policy relating to the early release or late start of high school students: 
High school students should be enrolled in no less than four courses each semester. This requirement discourages the early release or late start of students for work or for other purposes. If a student or parent/guardian feels that there are unusual circumstances that justify an early release or late start from school each day and a schedule of less than four courses, the student may apply to the Chief Academic Officer for a temporary exemption, if the student is a senior, in good academic standing (minimum GPA 2.5 unweighted), and the student would remain in attendance at least half of the school day. Such unusual circumstances may include but not be limited to the following reasons for early release or late start:  
1.    Student enrolled in a concurrent/dual enrolled college course(s). 
-Concurrent college courses must be pre-approved by high school administration and college counselor 
-Selected college course(s) must be in alignment with the student’s career and post-secondary education goals. 
2.    Student has accelerated the completion of high school requirements (i.e.: AP Calculus AB completed in 11th grade and school does not offer a higher-level Mathematics course) 
3.    Pre-apprenticeship or internship opportunity
4.    Student needs a limited course load to graduate   
5.    Student is old for their grade
6.    Illness of student or illness in the family
7.    Student must work for family economic reasons  
8.    Disciplinary reasons
9.    Exceptional children identified in their IEP. 
The student's request for early release or late start must include parental/guardian approval in writing unless the student is 18 years or older and/or emancipated and submitted to the high school Principal. The request must be made at a minimum of two weeks (10) school days before the start of each semester. After considering the reason for early release or late start request the Chief Academic Officer will render a decision. Periodically, the Chief Academic Officer will report to PUC Boards on any releases that have been granted or denied.